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Our surety bond insurance provides companies with the guarantees they need to provide when entering into contracts with public and private entities. In such operations, VISENTA INSURANCE is the insurer, the client is the policyholder and the beneficiary of the guarantee provided is the insured party. In the event of failure to comply with the terms of the policy, the insurer indemnifies the insured party up to the insured amount, which is then reimbursed by the policyholder.

Provisional: Companies wishing to offer their services in tenders for the provision of public services must submit a guarantee to guarantee effective compliance with the terms of the offer submitted to the authorities.

Definitive: Ensuring compliance with the contractual obligations of the party performing the work or providing the service.

Guarantee that the land where the quarries or mines are located will be returned to its original state after the works have been completed, in accordance with the parameters set out in the corresponding remediation plan.

Administrative liability coverage for violations of private security regulations arising from the company's activities.

Guaranteeing the construction and correct operation of power generation plants

Guarantee of payment of debts due to wages and social benefits incurred in connection with the activities of temporary employment agencies.

Ensuring the reversibility of the economic consequences of non-jurisdictional legal proceedings.

Liability coverage for liabilities arising from the movement of products within the Community. Presentation before the financial authorities.

Covering tariff payments and fines arising from the activities of customs agents, importers and joint ventures.

A guarantee of repayment under specified conditions of sums received before carrying out work to cover the purchase of materials, installations and equipment.

Covering payment of amounts established in the instalment regime agreed with the beneficiary.

The granting of concessions requires performance guarantees to ensure that the operator complies with all the conditions set out in the concession contract.

Between private individuals.